Technology for Seniors

We just watched the Today show and wanted to share some finds for new technology in case you missed it! Check out their websites for more information!

-Grand Care has a number of offers for senior friendly, internet enabled, private home touch screen system aimed at maintaining independence, controlling chronic conditions, and reducing hospital readmissions. It combines the technologies of smart home, activity monitoring, wellness monitoring, and social connectivity. The wellness aspect includes wireless physiological readings (weight, blood pressure, oximeter, glucometer), self assessment, and medication compliance with associated rule sets, alerts, and congregate analytics. The social aspect includes one button Skype, wellness videos, reminders, and other standard social media content aimed at reducing isolation, educating the patient, and influencing them to better self manage their health.

Med Reminder-  MedMinder helps your mom/dad stay independent. Giving you reassurance that you will know if your parents have taken their medication. Enjoy peace of mind by having cellular connection for reminders, locked pill cases and much more!

Mange My Pills-

Seniors rely on their medications to keep them healthy, but complex medication schedules can lead to mistakes: missing doses, taking incorrect amounts, or taking medicines at the wrong times. These mistakes could lead to unnecessary doctor or hospital visits, illness and even death.

  • For seniors, approximately 1 out of 10 hospital admissions are the result of the incorrect use of medications.*

Not taking medications correctly can have serious consequences, including increased discomfort, inadequate disease prevention and possibly even


Navastar GPS Show- The Aetrex GPS Shoes feature the latest GPS tracking technology embedded in the base of the right heel, providing real-time tracking. At frequent and specific time intervals, the GPS tracking device sends a signal to the central monitoring station determining the wearer’s exact location and relays that information to a tracking website for you to view (contingent upon enrollment in a separate monthly tracking plan).

The premise of the technology is based on alerting you when your loved one has wandered off too far from a preset location, allowing you to set up a geographic boundary known as a “geozone”. When the individual wanders off and leaves the preset geozone, you are quickly notified via an email or SMS text to your mobile phone. The service also provides emergency tracking in case you need to locate a loved one immediately.

The HurryCane- The HurryCane® is the ONLY cane with the Stabil-Step, Tri-Grip™ Design & Never-Slip™ Pivoting Head. So you are able to always maintain an optimal, 3-point-contact, stable support at ANY angle.

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